Dean Jose Sartarelli
Jose V. "Zito" Sartarelli, Ph.D.
Milan Puskar Dean


As I take stock of the past four years at B&E, I can proudly say that together - students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College - we have made great progress toward our vision of "Better, Bigger, Ranked," as indicated below:

  • The quality of our incoming students has continued to improve;
  • More than 40 high-caliber faculty have been brought in to augment an already strong academic team;
  • Enrollment at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels is at an all-time high;
  • New programs including the 4-year college, new Ph.D. program in Business Administration, and multiple joint programs, have been established;
  • A+ and A publications totalled 25 in 2013 versus 15 in 2009;
  • A record number of employers are recruiting on campus, including 57 Fortune 500 companies;
  • Our engagement locally, nationally and globally has never been higher;
  • All-time record fund-raising ($34 million to date) is allowing more resources for scholarships, support for professorships and chairs, and funding for new programs such as Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, and Hospitality & Tourism; more than ten $1 million scholarship gifts have been booked;
  • Our programs are ranked - #5 Top Undergraduate Program in Ethics, #9 Top Undergraduate Program in Return on Investment (ROI), #23 Top Online Executive MBA Program - and recognized around the country; by the way, our full-time MBA ranked #92, 49th among public universities.

As we look to the future, our commitment to building a great business and economics school in West Virginia is stronger than ever. Inspired by our vision of "Better, Bigger, Ranked" and guided by our Values - Diversity, Ethics, Excellence - we will:

  • Continue to attract the best students, faculty and staff;
  • Take the education of our students to an even higher level;
  • Continue to improve the quality of research;
  • Help our students secure employment;
  • Relentlessly keep the organization focused on the success of our students, and engage with the state;
  • Secure the funds to turn B&E into a great school that will make Mountaineers the world over proud.

Join me on this great journey of transformation and destiny.

Best Regards,

Jose V. "Zito" Sartarelli, Ph.D.
Milan Puskar Dean
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