Center for Chinese Business Overview

Forging Mutually Beneficial Global Relationships

The Center for Chinese Business was established at the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics in 1994 to provide international management education, business facilitation, and research services focused on countries throughout the world. Fostering close relationships among academia, business, and government in the United States and China, the Center focuses on furthering mutually beneficial enterprise.

During its first fifteen years the Center has formed many mutually advantageous partnerships with government, educational organizations and businesses in which all parties have achieved value for their participation. These partnerships include government entities such as the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area, Shanghai Organization Department, the Tianjin Finance Bureau, West Virginia Development Office and the West Virginia District Export Council. The Center has formed relationships with educational organizations such as the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, the Shanghai Education Center for Administrators, the U.S. Department of Education and Sinyi Cultural Foundation.

Additionally, the Center has worked closely with many U.S. and Chinese companies such as Cisco Systems China, Baoshan Steel Group, Allegheny Wood Products, TRW Inc., Minsheng Bank, Development Dimensions International, Shanghai Airlines, and Kroll International.

Fostering international trade

The Center pursues its mission through a wide range of activities, including:

  • Assisting West Virginia companies develop business opportunities in overseas markets through market research, prospect identification, strategic planning for market entry, and due diligence for potential joint venture and trade partners
  • Helping our corporate partners make the social connections they need through our extensive network of influential academic, business, and government organizations in China and elsewhere
  • Developing and teaching management seminars on export strategies to company executives
  • Leading study trips abroad for groups of West Virginia business leaders and students
  • Developing customized trade missions and consulting services
  • Teaching executive education programs for senior Chinese officials (for example, our Shanghai and Tianjin Municipal Government Executive Education Programs)
  • Conducting short-term executive training programs for Chinese companies
  • Offering an MBA degree program with an international focus

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