West Virginia Demographic Profiles


Starting in 2010, the Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) no longer produces the West Virginia County Data Profiles it usually produces every year. In exchange, the BBER will continue to produce the West Virginia Data Profile and provide readers a guide on how to generate data profiles for your own county, micropolitan, or metropolitan areas.  Click A Guide to Generate Your Own County Data Profiles to learn more about it. Should you have questions on how to put together profiles for your area, feel free to contact us at Christiadi@mail.wvu.edu.


A Guide to Generate Your Own County Data Profiles

Demographic Profiles-1 (DP-1) for W.Va Counties: Census 2010

Demographic Profiles for W.Va Counties: ACS 2006-2010

Standard Demographic Profiles(DP-1 to DP-4) from the 2000 Census:

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