Executive Education Overview

Executive Education

The goal of the Center for Executive Education is to strengthen organizations by maximizing their human capital through innovative programs and comprehensive business services. We help decision-makers from all industries become more dynamic leaders, more effective managers, and more valuable team members.

The business landscape is being altered in dramatic ways with unprecedented speed. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help your organization navigate through this maze of change and come out a winner.

Programs tailored to your specific needs

We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with each of our clients to design programs to meet their individual needs. We can modify one of our open enrollment programs for your organization, combine elements from various programs to create a new program, or create an entirely new program based on your needs. Programs can be designed for small organizations beginning to expand as well as the most sophisticated and complex organizations like our Fortune 50 clients. We provide the latest in management thinking and help you translate that into practice for superior organizational performance. Click here to find out more about our custom programs.

Interactive, relevant, and challenging programs

We understand your need for practical, useful knowledge, and we deliver it. We place participants in situations that require them to think, act, and lead differently. Our goal is not to create leaders who can recite formulas and statistics, but to develop strength and capacity in critical thinking. We provide the tools to help people analyze information and data, assimilate that information quickly, formulate a strategy and move forward, often times, where ambiguity and risk exist.

Experienced and dedicated faculty

Our instructors are carefully chosen for their expertise in the subjects relevant to your needs. Leading practitioners from outside the University complement our team of faculty experts. All of them are experts at translating key business issues into applicable strategies for executives. Equally important, they are experienced at delivering this material in a compelling way.

Academic and continuing education credit

Some professionals, organizations, and associations have specific educational requirements for maintaining licenses and practices. Many of our programs award academic credit, professional continuing education credit and certificates of completion for those wishing to fulfill requirements of their profession or wanting to pursue an academic degree.

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