Endowed Chairs and Professorships


  Jim Brown

James Brown, Ph.D.
KMart Corporation
Chair of Marketing
Victor Chow

Victor Chow, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
of Global Business
and Finance
Roger Congleton

Roger Congleton, Ph.D.
BB&T Chair of
Richard Dull

Richard Dull, Ph.D.
GoMart Professor in Accounting Information Systems
  Paula Fitzgerald

Paula Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
Nathan Haddad Professor of Business Administration
Christian Schaupp

Christian Schaupp, Ph.D.
David and Nancy
Hamstead Professor
of Accounting
Richard Riley

Richard Riley, Ph.D.
Louis F. Tanner Distinguished Professor
of Public Accounting
Terry Rose

Terry Rose, Ph.D.
Ernest L. Hogan
Chair of Life Insurance